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Neurodiversity in the Workplace

Your workforce is diverse.  Your customers are diverse.  Unlock your organization's potential by offering an inclusive experience for everyone.

Bring the neurodiversity conversation to your workplace


Neurodiversity involves everyone at your workplace.  Conversations regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion are not complete without exploring neurodiversity.  Enhance your DEI programming with a neurodiversity training that is custom made to meet your needs.  Support employee well-being by engaging with topics such as connection, safety, and belonging.  Let me bring the neurodiversity conversation to your workplace and spark in your team the self-awareness and trust needed to succeed.

Your neurodiversity training can be adapted for your specific business.  But all trainings include the following core concepts:

  • Neurodiversity means that everyone experiences the world differently

  • Differently does not mean better or worse - just different

  • Neurodiversity applies to every single person

  • A person's struggles result not from their traits, but from the ways the environment, expectations, and norms are misaligned for them

  • People find well-being through connection, safety, and belonging

  • By learning about every person's unique way of experiencing the world, we can support their unique needs to achieve well-being

Coaching & Consulting:
Create a workplace where everyone can thrive

Outdoors Meeting

Neurodiversity includes everyone - and that's true for your employees and customers as well.  Attract and retain more talented employees and connect with your actual and potential customers by being responsive to the unique ways they experience.  Let's work together to develop a workplace and customer experience that puts inclusion and belonging at the center.

Consulting services can include:

  • Assessing areas for improvement in existing practices, policies, and procedures

  • Developing modified and/or new neuro-affirming practices, policies, and procedures 

  • Evaluating environmental conditions impacting employee and customer experiences

  • Coaching executives on how neurodiversity can yield novel and creative solutions 

  • Coaching employees on how neurodiversity can improve their workplace experience

  • Advising on content, layout, and design of website, social media, and other marketing

  • Working with HR personnel to secure and retain talent through inclusive approach

  • Assisting with customer experience situations implicating neurodiversity issues

  • Contributing to marketing campaigns highlighting neuro-affirming initiatives

"I had never heard the term as deiB. Adding that "B" in there for belonging is so huge and really resonated with me. It has opened up a whole new aspect of things to consider in my work."

"I only wish it could have been longer! The content was so great and the discussion was so valuable that I wish it could have continued. I would love to participate in more trainings on this topic that explore these concepts further."

"Outstanding training!"

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