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Neurodiversity for the People 

It is hard being in a world that is not aligned for your way of being.  Sometimes we can change the world.  And sometimes all we can do is be with the people who understand us.  I'm here for you.

Personal Coach:
Find your true
neurodiversity story

Helping Hand

You or a loved one feeling stuck, unable to shake that sadness, that anxiety, that shame?  Or maybe struggling with your relationships, situation at school/work, or finding your place?  Yeah, been there.  I can help you or your loved one with that by working toward replacing internalized stories of blame with new stories of self-affirmation, replacing fear with strength, replacing victimhood with self-advocacy.  Let's get there together.

I can help you find your way through:

  • identifying parts of your life that are misaligned with your way of being

  • finding safety to openly face your pain

  • building connection to body, particularly the nervous system

  • regaining interoception (connection to your own feelings)

  • examining your beliefs and stories about self

  • exploring the unique ways you experience the world

  • reshaping your life to be more aligned with your way of being 

Caregiver Coach:
Connect with your child's neurodiversity journey

Father and Son Playing

Feeling overwhelmed?  Having trouble understanding or connecting with your child?  Do they seem to struggle no matter how you try to help?  Finding yourself spinning with all the different therapies and services out there?  Yeah, been there.  The world has told you and your child that your child is disordered, defective, deficient, or dysfunctional.  That is not true.  Your child has their own story to tell.  Let's find your child's voice together.  

I can help you and your child find a better way through:

  • identifying the external reasons why your child is struggling

  • developing connection, trust, and safety between you and your child 

  • co-regulating your nervous system with your child's nervous system

  • holding space for your child's feelings without them affecting you

  • understanding the core beliefs that lead your child to feel unsafe

  • exploring the unique ways your child experiences the world

  • reshaping your child's life to be more aligned with their way of being 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge?

  • My standard rate is $175/hour, and I ask that we use that rate if you feel comfortable doing so.  However, neurodiversity includes everyone and ought to be accessible to everyone, which is why I offer a sliding scale.  If you would feel comfortable working with me at a lower rate, let's talk about it, and try to come up with a number that we can make work.

Do you take insurance?

  • No, I am unable to accept insurance.  This is why I offer a sliding scale as discussed above. 

Where will our sessions take place?

  • You can choose!  You are welcome to come to my office - a quiet private space with comfy seating - or we can meet elsewhere: coffee shop, on a walk, or somewhere else you feel comfortable.  We also can meet virtually.

How long are sessions?

  • Typical sessions last an hour.  If you are interested, we can also discuss doing longer sessions.

Is this therapy?

  • No.  This is not therapy.  But it can be used in tandem with therapy if you so choose.  I am happy to talk about this more on a call. 

"Getting to know Dan and learning how to better support my son has created a wonderful shift in my son's capacity to accept himself."


"I was probably most struck in my realization about the fact that you, a relative stranger, recognized and genuinely acknowledged me and my feelings in a way that has felt very absent from others...pretty much forever. For that, thank you so very much."


My kid was suffering from school trauma.  Working with Dan saved them from imminent burnout. 


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