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We are currently scheduling the following community programs.  Please use the form below to indicate your interest and availability.
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Share and Hear Stories 

Join us each week as we come together around a virtual campfire to share and listen to personal stories about neurodiversity and each of our unique experiences.  This is meant to serve as a safe space for connection, reflection, and healing.  

Join Conversations with Neuro-Affirmers 

Join us once a month to meet leaders of the neurodiversity movement.  Hear about the unique life experiences that compelled them to do this work, the struggles, the triumphs, and perhaps some silly moments along the way.  

Group Therapy

Attend Neurodiversity Office Hours 

Join us multiple times a week to get feedback about neurodiversity-related challenges you're encountering..  We have sessions for everyone - those who connect with neurodiversity in their personal lives (neuro-spicy), through their relationships with loved ones (neuro-allies), through their professions (neuro-pros), or even for those who aren't really sure how to connect at all (neuro-curious).  Or bring the whole family (neuro-families)! 

Participate in Community-Wide Events 

Join us for our next community-wide event, where we provide advocacy updates, neuro-affirming content, and opportunities to get involved.  It's also a great opportunity to meet other people who share similar experiences and commitments through the lens of neurodiversity.  All are welcome! 

Imagine with Neurodiversity Fairy Tales 

Join us monthly for our book club, where we explore neurodiversity through the stories of Hans Christian Andersen.  Beneath the familiar fairy tales are rich stories that shed light on themes of being othered, feeling out of place, sacrificing self, and searching for belonging - themes that still ring true today.  

Grow Into a Neurodiversity Self-Advocate 

Come together with other kids (approx. ages 10-18) to become a self-advocate.  You deserve to be heard, you deserve to be believed, and you deserve to have an active role in shaping your life.  Find your voice with us.  (this group meets in-person) 

Community Interest Form

Which program(s) would you be interested in attending?
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*you'll receive scheduling details about the selected group(s) 

Which evening(s) would you be available?
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