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Dan Carmeli


wherever you are, whoever you are - just come as you are

And let's talk about neurodiversity.

Neurodiversity is the fact that everyone experiences the world differently - there is no "normal" or "typical" way.  You experience the world differently from anyone else, so neurodiversity includes you - and everyone else too.

My Work

Neurodiversity for individuals

I work with individuals - adults, children, caregivers, families.  Together, we aim to make sense of confusing life experiences by teasing out the stories handed to us by others from the true stories that come from within.  And we chart a new path forward that is aligned with self.

I work with the community - one conversation at a time.  On the Community page, you will find weekly opportunities to join group conversations about neurodiversity and the human experience.  We cover themes like love, identity, advocacy, coping, and much more.  All are welcome.

Group Students Smilling

I work with organizations - because humans exist in the workplace too.  Our discussion of diversity, equity, and inclusion is incomplete if it does not include neurodiversity.  By using a neurodiversity lens, we can offer a space of safety and belonging to everyone.

And I work with schools - because our kids deserve this more than anyone.  We reframe undesirable behaviors as cries for safety and, through an understanding of neurodiversity, develop the skills to connect with each individual student and offer them the safety they need.

Neurodiversity in schools

I look forward to working with you!

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